The Association in brief

Finnish Exhibition Contractors Association was established in 1962 as a trade association for professionals in this field. The association’s purpose is to further the interests of its members, strengthen their professional spirit, and emphasize the importance of trade fairs as media.

The almost 70 member companies of Messu- ja Somistusalan Liitto Ry (Finnish Exhibition Contractors Association) specialize in designing and building trade fair stands and exhibits, arranging trade fairs and exhibitions, shop furnishings, decorations, car and window taping, advertising billboards and signs, and complete planning of customer functions.

Incoming events

22syyallday23Rakenna-Sisusta-Asu -messut, Kokkola

22syyallday23Wemmi - Ween Maan Wiljaa

25syyallday27Alihankinta 2018

29syyallday30Rakenna-Sisusta-Asu -messut, Oulu

29syyallday30Kuopion Kädentaitomessut

29syyallday30Kuopion Hyvinvointimessut

03lokallday04Fysioterapia & Kuntoutus 2018

03lokallday04Hyvä Ikä 2018

05lokallday07Turun Ruoka- ja viinimessut

05lokallday07Turun kirjamessut

10lokallday12FinnBuild 2018

10lokallday11Cyber Security Nordic 2018

10lokallday11Fastfood & Cafe